Welcome to the Anaconda Karate Club Website

The Anaconda Karate Club is a local martial arts school, based in Anaconda, MT. The club is operated by Chris Eamon, 3rd Degree Black Belt, under the authority Dennis Dallas of the Helena Martial Arts Academy. The club operates out of Goosetown Racket and Health Club. Currently, the Anaconda Karate Club offers training in Karate, Judo, and Western Boxing. Additionally, Kickboxing and beginner MMA training is available upon demand, with approval of Mr. Eamon.

Classes are offered during the academic/school year, for school age children. Formal classes for teen and adult students are offered as a separate class, during the academic/school year, as well, with informal classes offered during the summer for senior teen students and adults of all rank.

For more information on the arts and styles offered, click the images or links below, or the links on the nav bar at the top of the page.