Jeffrey W Barnes

Front End Web Developer

About Me

I am a front end web developer, with experience coding in JavaScript. I completed a Nano-degree in front end development from Udacity in 2015, but was unable to progress further with my career or education. I had family issues that required me to care for my mother. I spent that time furthering my skills in JavaScript by reading the complete "You Don't Know JS" series.

In addition to JavaScript, I do AJAX coding, and am learning TypeScript, and React.JS and Angular.JS, from the MicroSoft Professional Program in Front-End Web Development on edX. I am auditing through the entire program, but those are the topics I am really focusing on. I also plan to add Node.JS when I complete those topics.

Along with my education in front end web development, I have a bachelor of science degree in Professional and Technical Communications from Montana Tech. From this, I have experience producing both print and digital documents. I have filmed and edited video for a short video on the field of technical communications and online news sites. And I have experience working with the Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator to create custom graphics and designs.

On the personal side, my hobbies include Karate, Judo, boxing, running and fitness training. I am currently training for my purple belt in Karate at the Anaconda Karate Club, where I have been training for two years. I also take Judo and boxing there. In Judo, I am a white belt and have been training for about six months. I have been training in boxing for about nine months now.

I have been running for fitness for about 15 years. I also have been doing body weight training, and hope to be able to run a Ninja Warrior course, as well as an Iron Man race.

Contact Me

I can be reached by email at

I can be found on LinkedIn at my profile